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Health Tests

Finding out what’s underpinning a health problem sometimes requires more than clinical skill. That’s when biochemical tests can be very useful. The information they reveal can help us to address the critical factor(s) and therefore resolve health problems much faster and more efficiently.

In my practice, I use a variety of tests, all from reputable laboratories. Here is a selection of the most common:

• Female hormone panel (saliva test)
• Adrenal stress index (saliva test)
• Total thyroid screen (urine/ blood test)
• Digestive function (stool test)
• Parasitology and gut microbiology (stool test)

• Liver detoxification capacity (urine test)
• Hair mineral analysis (test using sample of hair)
• Homocysteine (blood test)
• Gluten intolerance (pin-prick blood sample)


I also practice kinesiology, which involves muscle-testing a client. This can help to identify a wide range of potential imbalances and then the most appropriate programme to follow to restore equilibrium. I have built up a large library of biomarkers I can use in the testing process – everything from hormones and liver enzymes to environmental toxins and common pathogens – and have found these to be a very useful and cost-effective way to screen a client where pinpointing the underlying cause is difficult, or time and money are an issue.

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