HeartMath • Susannah Lawson
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Stress is a problem for so many, yet finding a way to genuinely manage it and decrease its negative effects can be very challenging. Often we just decide to live with it – life is stressful and everyone else is stressed, so why make it a big deal?

Here’s why – in the past year alone, studies have shown that stress, if left unchecked, causes serious damage to your health, giving you:


• A five-fold increased risk of dying from heart-related problems
• Double the risk of developing diabetes in men
• A 65% increased risk of developing dementia
• Double the chance of developing obesity
• A 12% lower likelihood of conception if you’re a fertile women
• An increased risk of breast cancer


I’ve also discovered in my years of practice that no matter how good a diet or supplement programme you follow, if you don’t find a way to tackle the negative effects of stress, it’s almost impossible to completely overcome your health problems and achieve your wellbeing goals. So finding a way to help my clients transform stress in their lives became a top priority.


After many years of searching out and trying different approaches, I finally discovered the HeartMath® system. This is a scientifically-validated set of simple, easy-to-learn techniques that help you to transform stress in the moment – which is key as so many stress management techniques focus on calming down after the stress has passed, when you’ve potentially already been suffering the negative emotional and hormonal effects for hours.

So effective is the HeartMath approach to transforming stress and building resilience that it’s adopted by the US military, the NHS, Olympic athletes, police forces, universities and many businesses, as well as by thousands of individuals around the world.


People who practice HeartMath also experience:
• An enhanced sense of emotional wellbeing
• More energy
• Less anxiety and worry
• Clearer thinking
• Improved cognitive performance
• Better quality of sleep


What’s more, studies have a found that daily practice can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing levels of the rejuvenating hormone DHEA and help a range of health conditions, from diabetes to high blood pressure, depression to heart arrhythmia. To find out more and view all scientific references, I suggest you read the article I wrote for Patrick Holford’s website – click here to access.

Learn HeartMath techniques for yourself

After attending a training course in California in 2009, I completed my accreditation in 2010 to become the first nutritional health practitioner qualified to teach HeartMath to clients in the UK.


I offer one-to-one sessions, using the revolutionary HeartMath emWave technology, to assess your current state of stress and teach you practical, easy-to-follow daily exercises to help you transform stress and improve your sense of wellbeing. The emWave technology also helps us to monitor your progress – and I can lend (or sell) you a portable emWave Personal Stress Reliever so you can monitor your progress each day.